Donation made April 2021

Based in Kent, Compaid helps disabled, older and other vulnerable people to overcome the barriers of social and digital exclusion, and to live their lives to the full.

Since upgrading and replacing several laptops the software used by their learners, in both their art therapy sessions and problem solving skills training, is no longer compatible. The Andy T Foundation has donated funds to purchase updated software licences to enable vulnerable learners to continue working with familiar programmes that they are confident in using.

As part of their digital skills training, art therapy has become very popular, especially in current times as many are isolated within their homes due to Covid restrictions.  Individuals do not need to have any special skill or previous art experience to find the sessions helpful. The aim is not to produce wonderful works of art, but for clients to use their creations to understand themselves better. The concept behind using art as a form of therapy is that by allowing self-expression in this way, without the need for words, expressing emotions, thoughts and feelings is easier, especially for people suffering from a developmental disability, dementia, or a mental health problem.

Many of Compaid’s learners demonstrate their creativity through digital art programmes that allow them to create original paintings, or as part of wider projects, using digital imaging and hands on, practical mixed media and poetry or language.  These sessions support individuals to use art as a means of self-expression and creativity, providing a distraction and a way of coping with the often very difficult day to day challenges they face.

Our Foundation has also funded a laser engraver to illustrate Compaid’s client’s work. This equipment offers a new and exciting way to illustrate their ideas and designs..

By providing the right level of encouragement and practical support, disabled and vulnerable people can achieve their full potential and enjoy the pleasures of life that so many of us simply take for granted.

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