1. Grants will be paid by direct credit transfer in one lump sum once the grant has been approved.
  2. Grants are awarded on an individual application basis and therefore repeat funding should not be expected or planned for.
  3. A Trustee or other representative may attend your venue to officially present the grant. This will be agreed with you at a mutually convenient time.
  4. If our offer of a grant has not been accepted within six months of the date of our grant offer letter it will automatically lapse.
  5. Your grant can only be used for the purpose(s) for which it is given and cannot be used for any other purpose without our prior approval in writing.
  6. Grants awarded must not be given or transferred to any third party but must be used solely by the organisation it was awarded to.
  7. If the grant is used for a purpose not outlined in the application, we reserve the right to ask for any money paid to be returned.
  8. By providing a grant The Andy Thomson Foundation is not accepting any responsibility for the project. You will take reasonable care to ensure that the project is conducted in a proper manner and in accordance with applicable laws and relevant guidance.
  9. Your organisation should start to spend the grant within 6 months of it being paid. If your project has not started within six months of the date of our grant offer letter, we reserve the right to ask for any money paid to be returned, unless we have agreed to the delay in writing.
  10. Our support should be mentioned in appropriate terms in publications, websites, events and other publicity relating to your project – copies of which should be supplied on request.
  11. Background material including photos, video material, stories and logos may be required by The Andy Thomson Foundation at the time of receipt of the grant and throughout the grant period for our own publicity purposes.
  12. A report should be sent back to us on the use of your grant within six months of the end of the project or when the money has been spent.
  13. We reserve the right to seek recovery for the whole of a grant or any unspent balance to be returned if it is found out that your organisation has provided false information or has not adhered to the terms and conditions of acceptance.